• $250 For 6 Studio Hours
• $75 Photo Session

• Earthworks Drumkit Mic System
• Audix i5 Mic

Completed expanded and remodeled control room

Roland 2480CD-completed loaded with Plug-ins, T.C. Electronics, Anatares
Auto tune, Universal Audio, and mastering tool.

Recorders: Pro Tools, Sony DATPCMR500, Tascam 122 Cassette, Tascam-CD-RW
402 cd dubbing deck.

Monitor Speakers: JBL4412, Mackie HR824, Alesis Monitor One

Echo,reverb, & delays: Zoom, lexicon, T.C. Electronics, & Yamaha

Other Outboard Equipment: Aphex, DBX, T.C. Electronics, Stewart, Behnringer, & assorted preamps.

Microphones: Earthworks, AKG, Shure, Electrovoice-Voice,Rode, Audio
Technica & Sennheiser.

Instruments: Kurzweil digital Baby Grand, mapex drum kit, Fender, Paul Reed
Smith, Line 6Variax 700, Peavey, Mesa Boogie, & Taylor, & Music Man. Tama Drums

Extras: Pro Tools, with G4, 20"LCD Monitor, and more plug ins.

2 Lava Lamps

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